Zara 's Operation Strategy And How It Uses Technology Into Operations For Fast Communication Between Different Departments Essay

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Executive Summary

This report is about Zara’s operation strategy and how it uses technology in operations to get competitive advantage in the fashion market. Zara introduced information system in operations for fast communication between different departments. The company’s store managers directly convey customers feedback to head office through advanced information system. Once the information gets collected by head office, the designers start working on new designs and take immediate opinions from their colleagues to manufacture the design.
CAD system picks the design which is installed in computers and prepares clothes of good quality with very less wastage.
Company’s business strategy and operation strategy works with smooth mixture which helps in efficient distribution system.

Table of Contents Page No Executive Summary 1
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Zara Operations Strategy & Technology 4
2.1 Just In Time Production 4
2.2 Information System 4
2.3 CAD System 6
2.4 Distribution System 6
2.5 Coaction Between Business & Operations 7
3.0 Conclusion 8
4.0 References 9

1.0 Introduction

Today’s highly competitive market condition changed the way operations management used to work in past, now operations has to be managed in such a way that it enables the organization to get competitive advantage in the industry. Operations management are working on totally different requirements at present as compared to the past or we can say operation management becomes
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