Zara 's Supply Chain Management

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Zara’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) System

Ratchanobon Kamdecha

Virginia International University
CMP 570 Enterprise Information Systems
Professor Moses Niwe
October 22, 2014

Table of Contents:

Abstract 3
- Introduction 4
- History 4
- Production 4
- Design 4
- Store 5
- Distribution and Procurement 5
The supply chain of Zara 6
- Rules of fashion supply chain management system 7
- The value chain of Zara 8
- Zara information system strategy 8

Conclusion and Recommendation 9
References 10


This paper presents the unique supply chain management (SCM) system of Spanish garments retailer Zara, the leading and the
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Zara is one of the world largest international fashion distributors, which is extremely competitive business with the most innovative speed-to-market business model. They are the third largest brand in the garment industry. Zara has become the most innovative retailers in the world. They invented the concept of fast fashion industry. Zara has changed conditions in the marketplace demand a much more quick response from the organizations and supply chain to customers.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) management is the success factor in fast fashion business. SCM deals with suppliers, with supplier’s suppliers, with customers and even customer’s customers (Galin, Zhelyazkov, 2011). Zara’s process focuses from raw materials basis to customer consumption. The supply chain productivities are a physical product, a combination of time, place, form and function of a product and service proposition. In the fashion world, where companies are competing on time the need of new abilities are rising.

Zara is the most successful retailer brands of Spanish company of the Inditex group. In May 24, 1975, Zara opened the first store in the coastal town of A Coruna in downtown La Coruna, Galicia, Spain, and opened first retail store by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer in
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