Zara's Business Model

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Zara Roundtable Discussion |00:00:03.0 >> |PANKAJ GHEMAWAT: What are the core features of the ZARA business model and when were they | | |established? | | |JOSÉ MARÍA CASTELLANO: The original idea of combining distribution with manufacturing began with the | | |founder. | | |This model, which was intuitively seen to have some advantages, was perfected by introducing | | |technology and especially human…show more content…
| | |Until now this equation has worked perfectly because the chairman demands that we adhere to these | | |values. He is the first one to practice what he preaches, which is another of the fundamental values.| | |Here deeds are more important than words; one must lead by example. | |00:03:10.0 >> |JACQUES SALLUN: It is a company where you work hard. Someone who comes from the outside might have | | |the impression that we don 't work very hard, but this is not true. It 's a good environment, but you | | |work hard. | | |That 's why if there is a problem, you can contact anyone 24 hours a day. This is very important. | | |The other thing that 's very important is open communication. In a normal company there is a strong | | |hierarchy, but not in this company. | | |I think this manner of working is key to why this company is growing so fast. |
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