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Trisha Cooper joined with her daughter Carrie Schwinoff to start their own business Zatswho. The idea came from Trisha playing with her granddaughter by putting photos in plastic frames as flash cards and playing with it as a game to learn relatives. Trisha spent the last 13 years of her career working as a CFO for a telecommunications company. She brought the photo flash card idea to her daughter and they became partners in the company. We discussed 5 questions of family members working together and some of the challenges family members face when entering a partnership. We also discuss the marketing strategies and web page structure of

Case 3 Questions: Zatswho LLC Can A Mother–Daughter Team Be Successful
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Using these cards will help them adjust to seeing them and knowing their face when they come back to their families.
Q4. Help Cooper and Schwinoff develop a guerrilla marketing strategy for Zatswho. Write a two-page memo to Cooper and Schwinoff that highlights the key points of your strategy and the reasoning behind each one.
See Page 6.
Q5. Visit the Zatswho Web site at What recommendations can you make for improving the site?
When creating a web site, the initial view especially being the home page is the most important part of a website. As soon as you see the site, you must be able to see the creativeness of the product. Zatswho web page consists of words and different fonts and colors, external links for social sites, and video of the product is located at the bottom of the page. As a online consumer, this would be a lot of information being scattered.
My recommendations would be to take overcast of information and social media information from the left pane and place at the bottom. I would also remove the twitter feed and just have the link to twitter for those that may want view it. The home page should focus on what Zatswho has to offer, product overview, and show examples of how their target market can use this product. Another suggestion would be to remove the coupon email registration from the left pane and may be put it on the product-ordering page.

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