Zebrafish Are Small Aquatic Organisms Which Are Common

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Zebrafish are small aquatic organisms which are common model organisms for genetic and embryonic studies. Studies have shown that exposing zebrafish to ethanol can result in morphological deformities. It is hypothesized that exposing zebrafish embryos to EtOH will result in more improper development as well as a higher amount of mortality compared to zebrafish not treated with EtOH. Additionally, fish exposed at alcohol at 1 hour old will be more deformed than fish exposed to alcohol at 24 hours old and fish treated with 1% ethanol will be less deformed than fish treated with 2% ethanol. In order to study the effects of ethanol, zebrafish embryos which were 72 hours old were studied using a compound microscope. There was one control…show more content…
There are both genetic and environmental factors which contribute to FAS. Effects of FAS vary based on the time of exposure to and the concentration of ethanol (Carvan, 2004). Studies have shown that exposing zebrafish embryos to ethanol causes deformities to the embryo’s skull and other parts of its central nervous system, learning and memory problems, and cell death. Other effects caused by alcohol include the failure of facial organs to develop and malformation of the body trunk (Carvan, 2004). The purpose of the experiment was to investigate if exposing zebrafish embryos to ethanol had negative consequences on the organism’s development. In addition to exploring where or not the treatment had any effects, it was hypothesized that the intensity of any deformities will be higher if the embryo is exposed to ethanol earlier post fertilization and at a higher concentration. Methods and Materials Zebrafish embryos were studied during two separate weeks. They were bred in-house and maintained on a 14:10 hour light/dark schedule in water temperature lower than 28.5 °C. The breeding tank was a five gallon aquarium. Fertilized eggs were initially placed into Petri dishes and then moved to 500 mL plastic rearing containers. Ethanol solutions were made from a stock solution of 95% ethyl alcohol diluted with distilled water. These solutions were added

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