Zebruary Persuasive Speech

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~ R e d s k I n s C o n t r o v e r s y ~ Do I agree with California’s ban of the word “Redskins”? Well, the way I see it, it all depends on perspective. You can look at it as just another word or you can see it as a racist term. I can understand how this could bring offense to some people, but they are taking it way too seriously. I don’t think that people should walk around calling people of Native American decent “Redskins”, but what is so wrong about a ball team or school to be called the “Redskins”? It is just a name! If they didn’t read too much into it, then it wouldn’t be an issue. In a passage from Why ‘Redskins’ Is a Bad Word it states,” This, then, is why “Redskins” qualifies as slur despite not being a literal insult. Words
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