Zeitel Case Analysis

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The primary purpose of the Mission statement is to guide all the stakeholders to follow the same mission for the betterment of the organization while the vision statement offers a comprehensive direction with the perception of the corporate values (Darbi 2012). It also provides the aim an organization set to achieve shortly. In this assignment, the Mission and vision for ZeiTel is defined followed by the PRST and SWOT analysis of the same organization. Moreover, the importance of joint venture is defined with their competitors and allies.
Assignment Task-(1)
Existing vision and mission ZeiTel is an import/export organization that sells espresso coffee machines for many years. The researcher depicts the vision and mission of that organization. Mission: ZeiTel value or prioritize are the faith in the
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Review the organizational values Mission: ZeiTel also manufactures machines that consume 35% less energy with a more advanced heat exchanger. As a result, the Espresso is experiencing double growth rate. Another factor that can support their sales to achieve their revised mission is to attract the new consumers (Wang et al. 2014). Targeting their sales in the office premises and the Bureau personals, which prefer coffee with almost every meal ZeiTel have the opportunity to affluence their business. Vision: This aspect deals with the beneficial furtherance in their commercial trade aiming the expansion of their business to every corner of Australia and also worldwide. The consequence that supports them is the high rate of growth in the Australia and the rule regulated by the government to cite free trading policies in the imported items respectively (Kelly 2014). In this way, ZeiTel can trade with other countries also, which enriched their reputation in the market.
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