Zeitoun, By Dave Eggers

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In the novel, Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, the main character, Abdulrahman Zeitoun, is an immigrant of Syria who stays in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and is arrested due to the suspicion of looting, but really is arrested because of his race and how he looks. Zeitoun’s faith and loyalty to his community and home is tested through the many obstacles of Hurricane Katrina and including his religion, racism, and his very own dignity. The author, Dave Eggers who is also the speaker in novel, proves all examples of Zeitoun’s challenges credibly in the text.

Quote 1: “Zeitoun 's grandmother had stayed put during countless storms in her home on Arwad Island, and he planned to do the same. A home was worth fighting for.” (Eggers, 70)

Eggers shows in this quote how Zeitoun refuses to leave his home of New Orleans with his family. Eggers portrays that even though a house may seem replaceable, Zeitoun still chooses to not leave his home like his family who did not leave their home land of Arwad Island. The author also shows the symbolism of Zeitoun’s refusal to leave is like his assimilation coming to America. The symbolism of Zeitoun’s refusal to leave also shows how dedicated he is to his new country of America and refuses to give up when faced with discrimination. Eggers proves that Zeitoun continues fighting for his home in the United States.

Quote 2: “Look above you, at the stars and moon. How do the stars keep their place in the sky, how does the moon rotate around the
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