Zenamarie: A True Hero

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When I hear the word hero, I think of someone like batman, wonderwoman or spiderman . I don’t know of anyone who I would classify as a hero, but if I used the term inspiration or someone who has impacted my life: It would be IndyaMarie Jean Pelton, who simply goes by IndyaMarie. She is a strong, positive and very inspirational female. She makes inspirational posts about life and things that she has went through, to encourage others to always stay strong and to never give up; even during your darkest times.

IndyaMarie was born December 7, 1993 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is known to be a fashion model, song writer, designer, and wardrobe stylist. She is known to model for PUMA, Fenty Beauty, Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Forever21, and more. Indyamarie’s personal story is so inspirational on so many levels, that anyone can relate. Originally from
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She shows no sign of stopping the work she does. Indyamarie maintains a rapidly growing fan base and cumulative social media presence of more than 1 Million followers across all major platforms. She has a unique style that allows her to connect with her fans online and offline. Her work has captured the attention of media, brands and creatives. She is preparing for a breakout year of innovative projects and collaborations.

IndyaMarie had a vision and a passion for all things creative, so creative that she designed her own tattoos by hand. Indyamarie launched Marie Jean Accessories, flourished as a wardrobe stylist and turned her interest for poetry into a foundation for songwriting. In 2017, Indyamarie signed with Wilhelmina Models and H2KREATIVE for agency and management representation.With her strong mindset and her approach to difficult situations early in her life transformed to success and positioned her as a role model for urban
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