Zenith Hdtv Case Analysis

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CASE ANALYSIS – ZENITH: Marketing Research for High Definition Television (HDTV) Under the Guidance of Dr. Abdul Waheed Presented by: Rohith Desikan(95) Salil Srivastava(99) Nikunj Shah(105) Siddhant Kejriwal(109) Swati Hasija(116) Vishal Godara(127) Case Introduction Zenith Electronics Corporation is an American based manufacturer of color televisions, color picture tubes, color computer monitors, cable products and hi-tech electronic components such as monochrome displays, power supplies and automotive electronics. Zenith was exploring the possibility of entering into new frontiers with High Definition television (HDTV) technology. The benefits of making this switch from their traditional stronghold of CRT technology…show more content…
Research Plan: bring out the most effective research plan for gathering the needed information, and how much will the whole data collection process cost. c. Collect the information d. Analyze the information e. Present the findings f. Decide: this involves actually taking the decision, with the total input that we have received. A Marketing Decision Support System can be used, which is a collection of a coordinated collection of data, system, tools and techniques. 2. What are the forecasts of HDTV demand from 1992-2000? 3. Should Zenith do the Aspect Ratio Study? Porter’s Five forces Model: Bargaining power of suppliers: Bargaining power of buyers: Since the market is very extensive, the bargaining power of the buyers is actually limited. The demand for television is highly elastic, thus limiting the price setting strategies of the producers. However, this also gives an advantage to the producers, because a (good) new product, will be perceived well by the consumers. Threats of Substitutes: the cheaper the substitute, more the crowd it attracts. With the Japanese having a leeway into the HDTV segment, Zenith faces a difficult task to come up with something new that will tackle the challenge posed by the Hi Def TVs of the Japanese. Threat of New Entrants: following the success of the Japanese, other companies might also start thinking towards the HDTV concept. If Zenith persists with the old CRTs, they can expect significant losses.
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