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Was the "Hindenburg disaster" a result of sabotage committed by the opponents of the Nazi organization? Did a bolt of lightning strike the zeppelin? Or was one of the most devastating accidents in aviation history nothing but a cunningly planned insurance fraud?
<br>Over 60 years ago, airships were the "queens of the skies." In the early 1900s, a stubborn, yet brilliant German count, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, took keen interest in balloon flights and was devoted to the design and construction of airships. At first, he had many difficulties and setbacks but soon his airships were able to accommodate passengers as well. This lighter-than-air vehicle will later be known as a zeppelin.
<br>Blimps and zeppelins were very
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The Germans pleaded to buy sufficient helium to accommodate their airship needs, but the United States, deciding that the helium might be of military value and should be conserved, refused. When the disaster occurs, the United States would at first, regret not selling its supply of helium to Germany. But 2 years into World War II, they will see that they were fortunate not to have done so.
<br>The German Zeppelin Company had already flown more than one million accident-free voyages with hydrogen but the crew always checked their passengers. All objects that could cause a spark or electric charge were confiscated including flashlights, flashbulbs and distributed felt-soled shoes to prevent static on the walkways.
<br>One of Hindenburg's first missions was a 3-day trip across Germany dropping pamphlets and broadcasting Hitler's speeches on its loudspeaker, urging German people to support Hitler. Then, it embarked to fly around the world.
<br>Only a year after its launch, the Hindenburg was scheduled to fly from Frankfurt, Germany to New Jersey's Lakehurst Naval Air Station on May 3, 1937. Bad weather prevented the Hindenburg from landing at Lakehurst, so the captain cruised down the east coast, offering passengers the splendid view. When the storm cleared out, the Hindenburg tried to land. But suddenly a tongue of flame

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