Zero By Paul Logan, I’m Just Me by Lylah Alphonse, and The Jacket by Gary Soto

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The first unit on our textbook Interactions by Ann Moseley and Jeanette Harris talks about the self-concept. It is hard to find a definition for the self-concept because it is certain beliefs about ethnicity, religion, and personalities combined. This unit has a number of readings by various authors where it shows struggles with the self. Self-identity, ethnic backgrounds, and self-esteem are the major aspects of those readings. After reading their writings I found that I could relate to their experiences. The three readings that got my attention were “Zero” By Paul Logan, “I’m Just Me” by Lylah Alphonse, and “The Jacket” by Gary Soto. In the reading “Zero,” Paul Logan is a student who struggled throughout his academic life by being a…show more content…
So, I decided to change my major and start over. I did that after taking a break for a month and my spring semester went well. Like Logan, I realized that failing is not the end and it is either a lesson or a new start to succeed.

In the reading “I’m just me,” Lylah Alphones a multi-racial girl who wanted people to accept her as she is. Alphones did not want people to see her as of her racial background. She got some looks and questions from people about her race. People were trying to figure out what is her race. Alphones did not like that because she thought that people should accept others no matter what with no discrimination. So, the struggle of mixed identity went away because as she said “I’m just me,” but people are making hard on her so she still want to prove a point where people should not be put into a specific box regarding their race.
Similar to Alphones, I do not like to be put in a particular ethnic group. I wanted to be just me because when people ask about my ethnicity they automatically assume it is bad. For example, being Arab, Muslim, and Saudi is hard especially in the United States because of what happened in September 11th. What I believe that history is in the past, and what happened in September 11th is gone. It was a major disaster but what I believe that we should not be all blamed. Hopefully,

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