Zero Motorcycles : A Successful Entrepreneur

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Zero Motorcycles is a motorcycle manufacture that is based out of California that offers a unique line of electronic motorcycles. Zero Motorcycles is one of the leading sellers and manufacturers of electric motorcycles they are also the most well-known. The company’s founder is Neal Saiki who is a former NASA engineer and a successful entrepreneur. In 2006, Zero Motorcycles released its first prototype and now in 2014 has a well-established product line and has blown past all expectations of not only electric motorcycles but also electric vehicles as a whole. They offer four different models, three of which are street legal motorcycles and the “X model” which is for off-road use. “Zero Motorcycles is committed to transforming the…show more content…
Zero’s main competitor is Brammo Motorcycles that develop a similar type of bike. They also hold a large amount of patents that product the method in which they design their bikes.
Zero Motorcycles has something that is also very unique, a few years ago an electric motorcycle was something that you saw in Sci-Fi films now it is a tangible item and Zero Motorcycles has made that vision possible. An electric motorcycle is something that is not only a cool thing to have but it is actually rather efficient. They have created something that is not only fun and a hobby but is actually convenient. With gas prices shooting up in the past few year’s electric vehicles are becoming a feasible option where as previously they were thought of as a novelty.
Since it is such a unique product it has a large appeal, not only does it get the attention of motorcyclist it has grasped the attention of earth friendly travelers. It is not like your standard motorcycle that has a hand clutch and foot shifting Zero Motorcycles are a bit more rider friendly. Zero has developed their bikes with no clutch and an automatic transmission which means you can jump on turn the throttle and go. This makes the bikes easier to ride and actually a bit safer than your standard motorcycle. Due to these facts they reach a far
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