Zero Musical Instrument

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Throughout my life many different experiences and choices that I have decided to make whether or not it would be enjoyable.Each one of my decisions affect what will happen next or in a few years. Although many events have taken place, including playing an instrument, dropping my sister off at the MTC, and getting braces, I wouldn’t do anything different. Basically everyone in my immediate family plays an instrument, so I decided to join them. Seeing as I have like zero musical ability, I went for the easiest instrument I could find, a ukulele. Being the 8-year old self I was, procrastination often occurred. I got bored of it and tried the violin in sixth grade with my peers; It didn’t work out. Sometime in January last year, I decided to actually try and I have actually started to develop a talent for it. I can play basically anything as long as I have the notes. My younger brothers want me to teach them how to play, but I’m still learning myself. My only sister, emphasis on only, left me to be alone with three brothers. Where that isn’t entirely true, seeing as my mom is still there, it’s pretty weird. We had a foreign exchange student for a while and he only recently left, so I guess that means she abandoned me with four brothers instead. Although it’s a struggle, I’m glad that she has the opportunity to go. I get to have a…show more content…
And holy cow have they helped! I used to think I had a perfectly straight teeth and would never need the dreaded thing they call braces, but you know. At first they were the worst thing ever to happen to me and I was going to die because of how they were pointless. But now I’m going to die because of how annoying they are. I mean you can’t eat anything with it getting stuck and they aren’t very comfortable. But I guess that’s the price you have to pay to have a nice smile. And now that I got them off, I feel like I had it pretty
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