Zero Tolerance Policies Should Not Be Banned

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In recent years, people everywhere have started to question and criticize zero tolerance policies. People are beginning to realize that zero tolerance policies (as strict as those practiced now) do not belong in universities or colleges. Students do not benefit from these policies and are often hurt by them. This happens through students being punished for minuscule acts, disproportional punishments, and the schools’ obliviousness to the plethora of other less abrasive options available. With these harsh zero tolerance policies in place stories like that of Nathan Entingh, a ten-year-old at Devonshire Alternative Elementary School, have become popularized in social media. Entingh was as at school when officials suspended him for his hand being in the shape of a gun. The school officials declared his hand a “level 2 lookalike gun” and proceeded with their decision to suspend the 10 year-old (Jonsson). This response by the school officials is not uncommon for schools with zero tolerance policies. Although the 10 year-old was purely participating in imaginative games, he was met with real-life consequences. This level of overreaction does not have place in a college, an environment in which students are treated as adults. If college students are treated as adults then they should not have to endure over-policing that is even too strict for young children. Another story quite like that of Nathan Entingh’s is the story of a Maryland student who was suspended for chewing his

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