Zero Tolerance on Bullying: Article Analysis

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The article "Zero Tolerance on Bullying: Letters" in the Citizen Glouchester (2012) contains varying opinions about an apparently previously published article on bullying. A brief summary of the previous article indicates that children have been expelled from schools in the city for bullying based on racism. Specifically, the article indicates that fourteen such children have been at least suspended since 2008 for this reason. One of the comments note that, on occasion, what is known as bullying is no more than an attempt by children to gain attention from their parents. The comment notes that the main reason why children would get into fights and name calling would be this attempt at getting attention. When parents then visit the school to determine the problem, speak to teachers or other parents, the attempt to get attention was successful. Another comment criticizes the report itself for being "sketchy" and misleading. The commenter makes the point that there was no information regarding the precise words that were construed as "bullying" or even the race it was directed at. The lack of such details, according to the comment, could have the result that potentially false assumptions are made, thus exacerbating rather than alleviating the problem. Specifically, the comment notes that most (both whites and nonwhites) would assume that the racism was directed by white students against black students. Also, the "figures" from the Freedom of Information Act being referred to in
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