Zeus In Greek Mythology Essay

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Zeus, the Greek god of lightning and hospitality, ruled the sky. He was a strong, muscular god who could get any woman he set his eyes on. However, Zeus had a wife who was very jealous of his secret girlfriends. Her name was Hera, goddess of marriage and women's life. So, when Zeus went to frolic with his girlfriends on Earth, he had to come up with clever ideas to cover up his betrayals. Especially when it came to women who were prettier than Hera. Zeus knew Hera would kill the poor woman who he was cheating with. It took Zeus weeks for him to come up with such a clever idea, but when he did, he continuously used it. So when he met Halley, he used it a little too often.
One day, Zeus was watching a young mortal tending to her flowers when he noticed her miraculous beauty. He soared through the sky until he was right next to her. Zeus asked her what her name was, and she replied with Halley. He had never heard such a beautiful voice before, and Halley had never seen such a handsome man before. However Zeus knew Hera would hear soon that he had left Mount Olympus, so he had to use his greatest tactic to get away. Zeus tapped the ground three times with his lightning bolt, and the more he tapped, the louder the tapping got. By the fourth tap, there a was a radiant flash and a loud thump. The flash was bright enough where
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Zeus tried to grab Halley, but it was too late, Hera had flicked her finger up towards the sky, making Halley soar straight up. As she did that, Zeus had accidentally struck a flash of light toward Halley, making her blaze in the sky. She ended up traveling around space for years, searching for the Earth. When she finally found Earth, she orbited the whole thing, searching for Zeus. Now Halley returns to Earth’s orbit every 75 years, hoping Zeus will notice her. She has returned to our orbit many times, and people now call her Halley’s
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