Zeus Role In Greek Mythology

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1 Introduction
The Greek god Zeus–although being one of the most often recurring characters in Greek mythology–shows rather blurred character traits, as in each myth they are adapted to his particular role in the story. While Zeus can appear extremely callous in one tale, he is described as a perfect and kind ruler in another. This paper analyses the discrepancy between different versions of the Greek god Zeus in various ancient Greek tales.
My inspiration for writing this paper about Zeus was his position as ruler of gods and his partially contradicting portrayals in different myths. I questioned the reason for this divergence and the magnitude of these differences and decided to dedicate this paper to the purpose of discovering all about this aberrance. While other important figures in myths may contradict themselves through their actions from time to time, this behaviour is particularly noticeable in Zeus, due to the fact that he, as the ruler of gods, appears in an abundance
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The first chapter covers the main sources in which Zeus is a crucial character and also offers basic information on the god for those less acquainted with him. The sources range from Greek literature to ancient artefacts and display the importance of Zeus in ancient Greece. In the next chapter, Hesiod’s description of Zeus in his Theogony is evaluated, accompanied by examples of the corresponding passages in Hesiod’s poem. This chapter is followed by the third part, in which Zeus’ character in the first part of the trilogy drama Prometheus Bound is assessed. The last chapter compares Zeus’ character and its portrayal by the two authors Hesiod and
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