Zhanshi Quotes

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Zhanshi, “Shen what’s wrong?!” Shen frowns and says in an angry tone, “He’s gone!” Zhanshi, “....” Shen, “I know that Xie’s maid has something to do with it. My horse may be stubborn, but he’ll never hurt a person randomly. She must have hurted Aixin for my horse to kick her.” Zhanshi looks at the passed out maid and then takes off his masks and says seriously, “Shen, I know you want to run after him, but since we have no idea where they took -” Before Zhanshi can even finish his words, Shen flies off to search for Aixin. Zhanshi rubs his forehead and sighs and decides to tie up all the bandits. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the four bandits carry a screaming and kicking Aixin away from the battle zone. Bandit 1…show more content…
Bandit 3, “what boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” When he finishes his sentence, he drops Aixin on the grass and was about to pull him n for a kiss, but Aixin bite hard on his hand. Bandit 3 pulls his hand away and slaps Aixin so hard on his face that it causes him to tumble over. Bandit 2, “Idiot! Don’t break her!” Bandit 2 pulls Aixin up and roughly turns his face and sees a bright red mark on his left cheek. Bandit 2 gave Aixin a fake worry look and says, “Miss please to struggle. Our boss does not like broken toys.” Frighten by the bandits words, Aixin kicks him in the shin and breaks free. As Aixin ran away from them, he hears bandit 2 curse loudly and aim and arrow at him. The next thing he knows, red liquid is seeping from his right thigh and he falls to the ground. When the bandits approach him, as they were about to grab him, a large animal pounce on them and rips them to shreds. Aixin stares fearfully at the blood soaked giant white tiger with shiny blue eyes and watch as it gives him an, ‘now we are even’ look and disappears in the thickets. Surprised by what just happen and trie from the blood lost, he passes out on the
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