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Q1. What are the Key Issues faced by Zhou? 1. The Project Budget has been 110 Million, but the Proposal from Postal/Nortel has come for 107.5 million. Including engineering, installation and maintenance, the project is over budget by 37.4 million dollars. 2. Non Availability of in house telecommunications Engg Expertise at JBC which makes them completely dependent on Postal/Nortel which again leads to Risky Situation as far as Short term span of the Project is considered. 3. The director of the Services division, who is an influential stakeholder preferred a comparison between Nortel and Alcatel before deciding on the equipment provider for the project. However Postal (who will ultimately deliver the solution to JBC) positioned the…show more content…
2b. Project Stakeholder Register Name Designation Stake Zhou Jianglin Project Manager, JBC Responsible & Accountable for project success Han Xiaowei Managing Director, Data & Voice Services JBC Project should contribute to revenue target of 5 million RMB Liu Zhongshi Managing Director, Radio & Television programming JBC New division and project's success will reduce his influence in JBC – possible negative influence on the project Shao Yangwei Managing Director, Corporate Services JBC Prefers Alcatel products to Nortel products and hence desires a comparison between them if Nortel products are used – needs to be kept informed of project decisions since he enjoys clout in the organization Guang Chengmen President, JBC Wants to take advantage of the opportunity in Data and Voice services and steer it to a successful IPO Chin Anshang Network Sales Manager, Postel Increase foothold in China's telecommunications industry via deals like JBC, given there is a prospect of liberalization of state owned telecommunications markets Frank Kang Account Sales Manager, Nortel Networks John Kang Enterprise Manager, Nortel Networks Successful execution of the project will further cement relationship with Postel and increase the likelihood of gaining more such deals in the future Q3. What should Zhou do next? Zhou should immediately inform Han about the project being over budget. He should ask Han if it is

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