Zigbee Based Home Automation System

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IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, Vol. 55, No. 2, MAY 2009

A ZigBee-Based Home Automation System
Khusvinder Gill, Shuang-Hua Yang, Fang Yao, and Xin Lu

Abstract — In recent years, the home environment has seen a

rapid introduction of network enabled digital technology. This technology offers new and exciting opportunities to increase the connectivity of devices within the home for the purpose of home automation. Moreover, with the rapid expansion of the Internet, there is the added potential for the remote control and monitoring of such network enabled devices. However, the adoption of home automation systems has been slow. This paper identifies the reasons for this slow adoption and evaluates the potential of ZigBee for
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Moreover the sharing of a single Bluetooth module between numerous devices has the disadvantage of incurring an access delay. [4] introduced a phone based remote controller for home and office automation. The system differs in that all communications occur over a fixed telephone line and not over the Internet. The system can be accessed using any telephone that supports dual tone multiple frequency (DTMF). The disadvantages of this system are threefold: users are not provided with a graphical user interface, users have to remember an access code, and they have to remember which buttons to press for the control of connected devices. [5] proposed a novel control network, using hand gestures. The controller uses a glove to relay hand gestures to the system. The problem with the system lies in the inaccuracy of hand gestures, with the potential for normal arm movements being inaccurately interpreted as commands. Moreover, there is the risk of user fatigue if repetitive hand gestures are required. The introduction provides a short review of the existing academic research into home automation. The publically available research into home automation lies predominantly in the academic arena, with little industrial research being publically available. The adoption of home automation technologies into commercial systems has been limited,
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