Zika In Brazil

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This summer, the Olympic games takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Even though Brazil is recognized as one of the most diverse cultural countries in the world, it is overwhelmed with challenges from human hazards such as water contaminants, gang and criminal violence, and the Zika virus is having many people question is Brazil capable to handle the event? Outgoing through the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is a dangerous place to conduct games due to high numbers of gang activity and violence. For example, the website chicagomonitor states, “ In the past year alone, Rio has seen over 120 people dead or come up missing” (Chicagomonitor 1). Also, teams are having to relocate from the Olympic village because of the threat of stealing from any spectators or thieves. The Argentines left the village solely on the fact that athletes’ personal items were stolen which they…show more content…
For instance, an article on Huffington Post did a survey and the survey brought results of, “high numbers of raw sewage clogging the toilet system, flimsy hotel rooms, and rooms were ill-equipped with basic human needs” (Huffington Post 3). Workers who constructed the hotels had terrible living conditions similar to the ones the athletes experienced. Furthermore, the recent outbreak of Zika puts many of people at risk of catching the disease carried by mosquitoes. Through recent water tests, it is possible to catch some sort of virus or harmful bugif precaution is not taken carefully. For example, the U.S. Swim team is using thicker suits than what they normally wear to combat the virus. Rio officials warn pregnant women to stay away from traveling and spray repellent daily to avoid contracting the disease. In conclusion, the Rio Olympics have many setbacks and few little gains. The threat of gang violence, Zika, and human slums are things Rio need to improve on and deal with
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