Zika In Usa

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I have decided to discuss the article “Where's Zika Most Likely in the U.S.? The Answer May Surprise You” by Maggie Fox. There is a lot of concern in the news, throughout the healthcare industry, and the United States about Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and its’ role in the cause and symptoms of the Zika virus. Many factors play into an ideal climate for the mosquitoes. Heat, humidity, and heavy rains in the summertime will provide an ideal climate for them to thrive. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), “Zika virus spreads to people primarily through mosquito bites. The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to a week. Severe disease requiring hospitalization is uncommon” (Zika virus, para. 1). However, the fear that there will be a major Zika virus outbreak here in the United States is unsubstantiated at this time. The CDC (2016) notes, “Outbreaks of Zika have occurred in areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the…show more content…
S., it is unlikely that there will be a major outbreak. Local vector-borne transmission of Zika has not been reported elsewhere in the United States, but cases of Zika have been reported in returning travelers (Zika virus, para. 2). Currently there has been one birth in which the newborn was infected with the Zika virus and diagnosed with microcephaly in Hawaii (Dahl, 2016, para. 4). According to Fox (2016), “Experts almost all agree that Zika is unlikely to spread much in the U.S., in part because the Aedes aegypti mosquito isn't common except in parts of the far south and Hawaii, and also because Americans mostly live indoors, with air conditioning and little chance for the mosquitoes to live and breed inside homes” (“Where's Zika Most Likely in the U.S.? The Answer May Surprise You” para.
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