Zillow Commercial Analysis : Finding Home

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Zillow Commercial Analysis: Finding Home Finding a home is one of the most important tasks in life. It does not matter who a person is, where they live, or what walk of life they come from; everyone needs a home. Zillow, an online real estate database, recognizes this. This is reflected in one of their television commercials entitled, "Family Search." Zillow has successfully identified their audience of first-time homebuyers and used emotional appeal to speak to this audience, therefore, causing the commercial to be effective. As the commercial opens, a pregnant mother and her young son are sitting together on a couch. The boy examines ultrasound pictures as his mother asks him to help find the perfect home for him and his unborn brother. It is a new day, and the mother searches Zillow 's app for potential homes. Next, she and her husband look out the glass door of a house into the backyard. They look down to their son in hopeful suspense, who shakes his head in disapproval. The family visits three more houses, and the boy approves of none of them. As mother and son are riding in a vehicle, the mother receives a notification on her phone from the Zillow app for a new real estate listing. The family visits this house. With an expression of joy and wonder on his face, the boy pushes through the back door, and exclaims. As he runs from the porch into the backyard toward a large tree house, his parents watch him with expressions of joy and satisfaction on their faces. An

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