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The president of zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is my main satire target. He was the prime minister of Zimbabwe since 1980 after Zimbabwe became independent from Britain. He then became president of Zimbabwe in1987 and still is by using fraud, voter indentation, and violence to silence the people. He is also the head of state in the world. Zimbabwe has been declining over the years. Currently, 72.3% percent of the population are under poverty line. Life expectancy in zimbabwe is only 58 and 95 percent of the population is unemployed. Even though the country is near complete ruined he still not willing to step down.
Article number one; Robert Mugabe clears up all the misunderstanding
In the article, my main satire target is
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This past rainy season there has been numerous floods mainly in southern zimbabwe. Since this past December, 249 people have died and thousands are homeless. Many of the victims are waiting for any international or government aid. The president has not sent any form of aid to the people or hospitals. All he has mentioned so far was that it was a “National disaster.”This is not suspicious as there are still many victims of 2014 flood who are still homeless and unable to go back to normal life due to not receiving aids. In the past, Mugabe has given people aid that did not benefit them such as a few bread and water or a couple of tshirts. I used situational irony, hyperbole, understatement and sarcasm I exaggerated how useless his aids are by showing how him dancing for them is the same as the aid he provides. Also the quote, “We have said we will never collapse, never ever. We may have our droughts, our poverty, but as a people, we shall never collapse, never ever.” is what he actually said about the people of zimbabwe, but in reality, the people are collapsing and as time pass the rate of the country and its people falling is increasing. Emmerson Mnangagwa, the vice president of Zimbabwe wants to be the president and due to his background it is most certain he does not agree with Robert Mugabe ideas, but he publicly says he supports the president's corrupt ideas in hopes of getting closer
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