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Zimbardo Prison Experiments The Zimbardo prison experiment was set up to investigate the problem of what the psychological effects for normal people result from being a guard or inmate, and in a broader sense are normal people capable of being ‘evil.’ The research question being asked was, “How would normal people react to being in a simulated prison environment? In Zimbardo’s own words, "Suppose you had only kids who were normally healthy, psychologically and physically, and they knew they would be going into a prison-like environment and that some of their civil rights would be sacrificed. Would those good people, (when) put in that bad, evil place (have) their goodness triumph?" Zimbardo set up his experiment to test the validity of …show more content…
I personally disagree and when I assert my conclusions at the end, I will explain why. Dehumanization is taking away an individual’s autonomy, their creative and unique aspects of their personality. The experiment dehumanized all the participants by doing precisely this. By placing them in an artificial controlled setting where variables were manipulated and allegedly made them act a certain way due to assumed roles, they were not autonomous, i.e. dehumanized.
If I were a prisoner, especially knowing that it was only a simulation, I would have rebelled (as some prisoners did) and definitely not become subordinate or ‘tattled’ on my fellow prisoners. I know this as I have spent a few days in a real jail before. While I was there I tried to avoid getting into trouble and the guards didn’t provoke me. When they stripped searched me however I asked the guard doing the search if he was a “f**got.” I guess I didn’t like someone having control over me like that. Had a guard this real situation provoked me, even knowing the consequences, I probably would kick his ass. Furthermore, I know I wouldn’t act crazy, cry or puss out and act like my life was ending. I would probably treat this situation pretty comically with a lot of sarcasm and would probably try to psych-out the guards. On the other hand, if I was a guard I definitely would not have been an asshole like about a third of the guards were, and I wouldn’t be a silent observer or accomplice like
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