Zimbardo Research Paper

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Zimbardo Research Paper Leslie Massey PSYCH/620 01/22/2015 Professor Sharon McNelly Zimbardo Research Paper The Stanford Prison Experiment was a study conducted in 1971 by Dr. Phillip Zimbardo. According to Dr. Steve Taylor (2007), “It’s probably the best known psychological study of all time.” (Classic Studies in Psychology, 2007). Zimbardo stated that the point was to see what would happen if he put “really good people in a bad place” (Dr. Zimbardo, 2007). He did this during a time were most college students were protesting for peace and were against anything authoritarian. The experiment contained both positive and negative aspects; which will be discussed further in this paper. Value of the Study The value of…show more content…
He knew this because he had created that precise set of circumstances and witnessed the transformation. (p. 5) Zimbardo was experienced in this type of transformation because of his Stanford Prison Experiment. It is possible that peer pressure, threats, and fear of retribution can cause someone to do something that they would normally not do. All aspects of a situation and extenuating circumstances should be considered before judgment is reached. The Stanford Prison Experiment showed the world this facet of human behavior. Value to Humanity as a Whole The value of the Stanford Prison Experiment in relation to humanity as a whole by showing how circumstances can completely change a person and what he or she is willing to do. It shows that humans can be influenced to the extent that their innate character traits can be manipulated. It also shows that power and authority can change the behavior of naturally good people. That it can turn some people into someone who will do anything to maintain the feeling of power. This experiment has allowed psychologist a new view on human behavior and how easy it is to manipulate. Problems and Ethical Concerns There were many problems and ethical concerns when it comes to this experiment. Herbert (2007) “Indeed, the student guards were so inhumane and sadistic that the experiment had to be shut down early, and it is now used as a case
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