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As a fan of our national team, I am proposing that we should go after a manager with style, prestige, and toughness. Everyone knows that Jurgen Klinsmann tried his best but just didn't have enough oil to spark the flame for US success. Now the country goes news that the Federation just hired Bruce Arena, which is a terrible idea. Bruce does not even bring the appeal of a manager. One thing I can say he does have a good background, but it seems that he will still fail to do the job in the future. Winning championships in the MLS will not bring this country close to winning the world cup.

We need a beast; we need Zinedine Zidane. A high caliber player in the past and know coach for Real Madrid who knows the game by heart. Zidane is the type
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Knowing on how to specialize in a particular area, asserting the techniques, procedures are key. He understands on the human aspect that you must work well the organization, players, media, fans, and the country. Being a renowned player in his past, he knows how to take the heat and deliver at the same time. On a conceptual level, he sees the whole picture. The industry, community political, and social and economic side of things. He has been a part of this his whole life. Learned from his past mistakes and transformed his ideas to higher heights.

Zidane according to the Mintzberg's managerial roles. In essence, he has to be a combination of all three positions to have the success he is having. He is the figurehead of this team, represents the spanish soccer team "Real Madrid" Therefore, he is the leader, the head of this squad. Brings staff into his environment who knows they can help him win and currently it is working. Real Madrid is tied with Barcelona in wins and two losses and is still contending in the UCL. Also a good marketer to his expertise, he knows how to attract players to his team.

Zidane is the spokesman for this group, and any problem will go through him. Like what's going to with particular
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