Zinn And Johnson View History

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So far, it has become very clear that Zinn and Johnson view history in almost completely different viewpoints. Johnson comes from a conservative background with an Oxford degree while Zinn, was more of an activist from a Jewish immigrant background. Johnson has pride in America and almost always sugarcoats major events to keep his country looking great, much like what we learn in our current high schools. However, Zinn shows us the left out facts of our American history and his novel is referred to as an anti-history book. Both authors make significant points and it’s great to have both sources available for comparison as well as chance to see both sides of the story.
Both authors start their novels with the finding of America. At the beginning it can already be noted that the sides are completely different. Johnson starts his novel by stating that: “The creation of the United States of America is the greatest of all human adventures.” [pg. 3]. Right then and there, we discover that Johnson is very patriotic. Johnson then goes on to mention how even though Columbus was mainly in search for gold, he was an idealist. Johnson describes him as a hero, failing to mention what had occurred to the natives and stating that they had been killed off by disease instead of going into detail. Zinn however, mentions how our world isn’t exactly what we might think, Columbus isn’t as great as he may seem, and the Natives weren’t treated in a friendly manner at all. Zinn describes how…
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