Zion Reformed Church

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Zion Reformed Church This church was one of the first churches built in Chambersburg Pa. The word Zion means the hill in Jerusalem where city of David was built. There is a Zion Gate on the south-west side of the old city that leads into Jewish quarters. The word Reform means improving with oneself and not to act in an unexcitable manner. The Zion Reformed Church was started when German Immigrants came to America. Before the church was built they held there congregation at a school house that was on the same ground as the church. Nicholas Snider bought the land from Benjamin Chambers, the founder of Chambersburg. The school house was torn down in 1908. The first cornerstone was laid in 1811. Seventeen feet below the ground was a bed of limestone. After they built the church, they ran into problems years later. There were seven tie rods installed to support the walls. The walls consist of a layer of brick, stone, and then another layer of brick. The style of architecture is of Sir Christopher Wren. The church is Gothic with height and it is simple. The contour of the church is of a quadrangle. The dimensions of the church is sixty feet by forty-five feet. The steeple stands one hundred and fifty feet tall, on the north end of the church. The bell tower is about twenty feet long and 10 foot wide. There are five set of stairs that lead up to the steeple. The steps are small and narrow, they are the original steps. The beams and supports are original, and were made by
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