Zip Disorders Case Study

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The most important result of this project is that there is a relationship between the zip code (65616) and increase asthma-related ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations versus the other zip codes in Taney County in Missouri State.
Asthma-related ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations in zip code (65616) for years (2010-2014) are higher among females (53.3% and 59.8٪) (Figure1&7), respectively than males (46.6% and 40.2٪) respectively (Figure1&7), which is consistent with the statistics that confirm asthma is more prevalent among females than males. The white asthmatic patients have higher percentages of ER visits for asthma by 87.3% compared with black or African American by 12.7% (Figure2) (CDC, 2013). This result differs from the national
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In this video is a paradigm for first visit that was made by (NHLBI).
PACE participant videos, part 1: Basic communication strategies • The second visit contains two sections, the first section aims to offer basic information, such as what happens in an asthma attack, how medicines work, when to call the doctor, and follow the written plan closely. In this video is a paradigm for second visit section 1 that was made by (NHLBI).
PACE participant videos, part 2, section 1: Patient visit: offering basic information‬ The second section aims to educate patients about the goals and criteria of successful treatment, such as the medicines are safe to use, the patient should be symptoms free, and the patient should have no wheezing or coughing, even during physical activity or colds. In this video is a paradigm for second visit section 2 that was made by
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In Biostatistics competency, I analyzed data by Chi square test, rates and frequencies and then I interrupted the results. In Epidemiology competency, I described a public health problem, which is asthma related ER visits, in terms of magnitude, person, place and time. I calculated basic epidemiologic measures, which is population-based rates for asthma related ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations. I evaluated the limitations and implications of the project. In environmental health competency, I identified how the environment affects on asthmatic, which is the air pollution and in in-door and out-door. In health behavior and public health administration competencies, I found out the program that evidence based best practice, which is PACE program in order to educate physicians and asthmatic patients about how to manage asthma attacks. Additionally, I suggested TCHD to have a partnership with emergency department in order to implement the best
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