Zip Monologue

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I was at a football stadium in Central City. A creature who called himself Zip is right in front of me. His black eyes staring at me like he's trying to intimidate me. It didn't look like he had the best intentions in mind. He had my powers, but only difference was he was a little faster than me. We started charging at each other at the same time surprisingly. I landed some good hits, but he landed more good ones than I did. He was meaning to kill me, and I had to get out of there if I didn't want to die. I got out of there and went back to my base S.T.A.R. Labs. I had a broken arm and I had rapid healing abilities along with my super speed, so it should be only a couple hours till I heal. A year ago a worm hole opened to a place called Earth 2, that's were Zip comes from, and somehow he found out about me. Ever since he's been trying to kill me, but I don't know why. I needed to get faster if I wanted to beat Zip and I knew just the person to help me… my friend Hunter. I went to his house to ask him for help and he told me he had something to give my speed a kickstart. It was called the Tachyon Device. Two years ago a thing…show more content…
Labs to see how long it took me. When I got back I was informed that I ran four times faster than I ever did. Now all that's left to do is to find Zip, and Hunter has already found him. He was at an abandoned orphanage on the other side of town. I raced over there hoping to beat him once and for all, but when I got there he was no where in sight. I walked around hoping to find him, but what I did find was his plans. I read through them, but it didn't make sense. It was a list of names with lines marked through them. There was pictures on the wall with X’s on them. They looked like speedsters like me, but there was only one without an X on it. I walked over to it and as soon as I saw who it was I froze, it was a picture of
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