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Juan Francisco Marines Case Study Analysis: Zipcar (1) WHO ARE THE MAIN PLAYERS IN THE CASE? | Summary: Who: Robin Chase CEO and Co-founderWhen: October 14, 2000What: Option 1: Reach out to other investors Option 2: Create a new business model Option 3: Close the businessMain Players: * Robin Chase * Antje Danielson - * Corporate PresidentOthers * Glenn Urban – Dean and mentor to Chase * JohnSnow – Consulting Firm * Paul Covell – MIT engineer * Investors CircleAlliance Partners: * Dan Holland – Venture partner * Transit Stations * AP reporter – press coverage Competitors: * Europe car sharing companies - Swiss Mobility CarSharing, Drive Stadtauto * Rental Car Companies –…show more content…
It has everything a consumer leaving in a busy area of a metropolitan area can ask for. Convenience, cheap, and accessibility. This is everything that a customer living with out a vehicle in an area that a car is needed periodically can ask for.Weaknesses: To start up a business like this as Chase realized you need a lot of capital. Finding the money and investors that believe in your company is going to be the hardest thing to do. To lease new cars or not have enough cars for the demand of new customers can also be a hindrance in the growth of this company. Other areas of concern that need to be addressed are the costs and insurance and liability exposure that renting a car to somebody can have. With multiple of even a few wrecks or fatalities can easily close the doors to a company like Zipcar that is just getting started. Opportunities: The Zipcar company is a company that can be very easily started once the right infrastructure is in place and can even be pitched to investors as a franchise store. That can be duplicated in other areas of the country. There is not current niche for the type of people that Chase is targeting and is untapped market place with the proper marketing plan.Threats: Rental car companies can also offer rental of cars on an hourly basis. They can pick up customers as well. This is not advertised but can be done. Most importantly if Boston or New York, or Chicago have a very efficient Public

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