Zipcar 's Competitive Advantage Analysis

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Zipcar Competitive Advantage Overview
Katina King
Brenau University Competitive Advantage Zipcar’s competitive advantage is the company has provides a new innovative alternative to automobile ownership. The “go green” era has many people considering whether or not owning a car is necessary in major cities because of the many transportation alternatives. Zipcar offer its member a way to use automobiles only when needed. Zipcar offers two distinct products: car sharing and fleet management. Zipcar competitive advantage focuses on a future where car sharing will override car ownership. As inner city population continues to grow, people are searching for ways to save money on transportation expenses, getting rid of their personally owned vehicles is a welcoming choice. With Zipcar’s car sharing concept, people are saving hundreds of dollars over personal and business car ownership (Zipcar, 2015). Zipcar service is a convenient amenity in over 50 cities throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. To date, Zipcar estimate it has taken more than 150,000 cars off the road (Kiron, 2013).The car sharing service targeted market is individuals in major cities, select universities’ students and staff, and private and government organizations looking for car ownership alternatives (Borja, et al., n.d.). The niche is to be the company which solves the major parking, overcrowding and transportation issues many metropolitan residents and businesses complain about.
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