Ziqitza Health Care Limited (Zhl) Responding to Corruption

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Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) Responding to corruption By: Chelsie Brantley Salifu Cham Donika Gibson Ghofran Mahrouqi Janeille Okpere Course: BUAD 625: Organizational Leadership and Ethics October 13, 2014 Ethical Issue: Sweta Mangal, CEO and co-founder of Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL), an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) must decide how to respond to an official insisting that ZHL bribe him in order for him to release payment for ambulance services ZHL has provided. Mangal is confronted by a newly hired financial officer, Sanhay Rafati, who argues that if the bribe is not paid his office, will not be able to make payroll or maintain its ambulances, and that the company will face a terrible financial situation. The…show more content…
Stakeholders: ZHL * ZHL- Benefits by upholding the ethical standards that’s part of its DNA and investor strategy (Benefit) * ZHL has exercised their right to uphold the personal values of the founders. * ZHL is harmed by having to take out a loan with a high interest rate, which in turn will lower profits and may not be financially sustainable, long-term harms ZHL Government Official * Government Official- Has yet to be affected, but will benefit if ZHL decides to pay the bribe by getting rewarded to do his job. Patients * Patients –are benefiting from gaining access to ZHL’s life saving service. * Patients –are also harmed by ZHL not being able to maintain their ambulances if bribe is not paid Investors * Acumen- Benefits by the profit and the added value of promoting an ethical society. Society * Society benefits by ZHL refusing to pay the bribe as India fights to eliminate bribery and corruption as a way of life. Alternative Courses of Action CEO Sweta Mangal is faced with a decision to make that will affect the company, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited. After analyzing the case, we came up with a series of alternatives. Although bribery is considered the “norm” in India, we still have to take in consideration the ethical theories to analyze the case. First of all alternatives, would be to decline payment for the bribe to the government official. This alternative addresses the ethical

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