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In our society, it is inferred that conforming to the masses is the American way. Whereas, in a Native American culture, where everything is connected, one would think that conformity would be encouraged and individuality would be frowned upon. Yet, we see in the stories of Zitkala-Sa the importance of individuality being taught to her growing up, and her attempts as a child, as well as an adult, to rebel against anything that would oppose it. We see her fight and struggle to hold on to her individuality, despite, as a child being forced to become Americanized. Through her stories, Zitkala Sa demonstrates to us that freedom, culture, and Faith are fundamentally interwoven into our identity, each one speaks to the intrinsic design of a…show more content…
In the Beadwork story, she at one point stops chasing the great shadows to chase her own, in the same manner, she would one day stop chasing after the life in the Orchards of the East and started to chase after who she was before being forced to be someone else. Throughout her stories, her shadow escapes her, but she continues to grasp for the truth of who she really is, as a Native American woman. No matter how vexed she was that her shadow would check it’s pace and sit down beside her as if to say, “no matter how hard you try you will never really know who you are,” she would continue her fight for freedom. It’s a profound message because as the story ended in Beadwork, Zitkala finds herself astounded by the fact that none of her friends ever thought about chasing their own shadow. One can only wonder if she was trying to let her readers know that many of the Native Americans accepted their fate, regardless of how hard she attempted, through her writings and stories to persuade them to hold on to their freedom, and even though they tried, eventually, they gave up because it was too hard. Whereas, Zitkala would never stop fighting for her freedom, she would never succumb to the notion that she could not be and do whatever she desired. In the story of Four Strange Summers, there is an internal struggle of her identity. She feels neither a wild Indian nor a tame one, but one thing she understood was the feeling of

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