Zmba Classroom Observation Paper

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Initial and Personal Response to This Situation: My initial reaction to Susan’s complaint about the ‘sometimes disruptive’ participants with disabilities is that she go can take a hike. I am going to assume that the majority of Zumba classes offered at other locations do not usually feature such a ratio of 8 young adults with disabilities to 5 participants without. If the participation of these community members with disabilities affects her experience so negatively, she can find a different Zumba class to attend at a different center. The scenario mentions only Susan having a problem partaking in Zumba classes alongside people with varying abilities so if that is the case I encourage her to take her business elsewhere. My Recommendation…show more content…
The instructor was already offering modifications on some of the more challenging moves to make the program accommodating for different abilities. I would confirm with the instructor that she was willing to continue providing modified programming to better suit the participants of her class. Since support workers accompanied the participants I would tell her she did not need to make any major changes towards the programming. Programs should provide opportunities for a broad range of participants (Leo, 2016) and that is exactly what reverse inclusion does. I would take pride that the classes at my center were accessible to people with disabilities and would want those participants to continue to feel included. I would have to consider the instructors’ perspective on committing to re-labeling her program. Having her instruct a reverse inclusion class would require her to expand on providing high quality individualized instruction while taking into consideration the class size. I would have to confirm she was willing to take on this challenge and even attend workshops featuring specialized training specific for reverse inclusion to further enrich her program (DePauw & Doll Pepper, 2000). The instructors’ decision to make a commitment towards implementing an official reverse inclusion program would be a major key on how successful the program would…show more content…
Ableism is a “network of beliefs, processes, and practices that produce a particular kind of self and body standard that is projected as the perfect species (Campbell, 2001. p.44).” This results in differential treatment of others because of real or presumed stereotypes of disabilities. The concept of ableism can help explain Susan’s discomfort participating in a class with people with disabilities. Susan is also demonstrating disableism, which is the unequal treatment and the devaluing of individuals with disabilities (Hodge & Runswick- Cole, 2013). The Zumba class with a diverse participant makeup may not be up to the standards and expectations that Susan was expecting upon registration for the class. The participants with disabilities do not fit the mold of the ideal participant and the disruptive participants with disabilities do not fit the ideal of being disabled. The re-labeling of this class as a ‘Reverse Inclusion Class’ will eliminate any miscommunication prior to
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