Zodiac Signs In Greek Myth

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"What is your sign?", is the number one question that everyone has been asking. Many may see this question as a pick-up line but some people are really interested in knowing our Zodiac Sign. Maybe because our Zodiac Sign has been said to help us better understand each other's personality and traits. There are 12 Signs in the Greek Zodiac. Zodiac means "circle of animals" in Greek, although the 12 signs are composed of animals and humans, with the exception of Libra. There is an interesting and fun Greek Mythology behind each of our Signs. The Greek Myths behind each of the Southern Hemisphere Zodiac Signs, which include Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, are as follow:

Libra - the Libra Sign is represented by scales, which Egyptians believed were used to weigh the souls of the dead. However, in Greek Mythology, Libra actually represented the golden chariot of Pluto (Hades). Pluto was the brother of Zeus and ruler of the underworld. One day he spotted a beautiful girl named Persephone, while riding into the Upper World with his golden chariot, which
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In Greek Mythology, Centaurs were half-man and half-horse. They were known to cause great trouble, except for a gentle Centaur named Chiron. He was very kind and an excellent anchor and physician. Unfortunately, Hercules had mistaken Chiron for one of the evil Centaurs he was battling and accidentally shot Chiron in the heart with a poisoned arrow. The arrow caused Chiron such great pain that he offered to take place of a man named Prometheus and become mortal. Prometheus was a Titan who had stolen fire from Zeus and was punished greatly for it. Prometheus was chained up to a rock by Zeus and every morning an eagle would eat his liver. The liver would grow back the next day and once again be eaten. Chiron decided that a few minutes of pain was much better than a life-time of agony and so he took the place of
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