Zodiac Statistics

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According to the statistics that came from the FBI, these are the most dangerous signs of the zodiac.
Every day we come across articles about the characteristics of the zodiac signs, but here we have the real statistics. The FBI has shared the dates of birth of the serial killers who have showed psychopathic tendencies. These statistics are able to predict which sign is prone to what kind of crime.
Here are the statistics:
1. Very surprisingly, but the Cancer is number one psycho.
They are prone to mood swings, and the number one reason that they would kill for is jealousy.
2. The second place belongs to the Scorpio; this is certainly not a surprise.
Statistics say that most serial murderers are born in November, therefore most of them are
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Most famous Sagittarius murderers are Pablo Escobar and Stalin, who have murdered masses of people yet they consider themselves as great leaders.
4. Taurus people are known for their rage, but yet they are more prone to committing fraud then murder someone.
They enjoy a luxurious thing that is why there sin is coming fraud.
5. Number five is for Aries, who are very well known for their craziness.
Thankfully their anger does not last for long, so to be safe keep your distance for a while.
6. Serial killers who are responsible for murdering the most people are Capricorns.
These people do not have trouble to follow rules and laws, but also they do not appreciate being pissed off. When they start killing it seems like they do not know how to stop.
7. You are so wrong if you think that Pisces are adorable.
Because these people are prone to addictions, their murders are extraordinary. Some of the most famous killers born under this sign are Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy and Aileen Wuornos.
8. Number eighth is for the neat killer the Virgo, who is not so much a psycho.
Fraud and theft are the crimes they would rather do, not so much a murder.
9. Even though Libras are known for being patient and kind they can also commit murders now and
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