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Changes in top management at Zoëcon Corporation brought about a shift in corporate objectives. The new objectives emphasized a focus on high financial-return products and businesses. In January 1986, Zoëcon executives called a meeting to determine the fate of their Strike brand insect growth regular (IGR) called Strike ROACH ENDER. This product had been tested in the consumer market in four cities (Charleston, SC; Beaumont, TX; Charlotte, NC; and New Orleans, LA) from May through October of 1985. Now that the test marketing venture was complete, Zoëcon executives were faced with determining the most profitable future marketing strategy for their IGR products.

Definition of the Problem

One Zoëcon executive stated, "The decision
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The relevant factors in this decision involve looking at the potential advantages of an IGR (insect growth regulator) over the traditional adulticide products currently in the market. With toxicity and safety concerns of these types of products being top of mind for many consumers, the newer IGR products should bring welcome benefits to end consumers using the product on a regular basis.

Product Factor Customer Segment PCO Segment

1. Relative Advantage Short term + - Long term + +
2. Compatibility + -
3. Simplicity (of use) - -
4. Immediacy of Benefit - -
5. Felt Need + -

Zoëcon must consider the immediate, "observable", benefits that can be highlighted when bringing the IGR to market. Products of this nature will not show an immediate effect, similar to an adulticide-type spray or aerosol, i.e., they will not immediately kill the intended target. Typically, a time period of 120 days is needed in order to realize the full effects of the product. It would be for this reason, that the lower toxicity risks with the IGR should be heavily promoted if Zoëcon chooses to focus the marketing of Roach Ender on the general consumers. Additionally, IGR compounds have demonstrated to be non-compatible with adulticide products. The long term benefits of using IGR 's will not be

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