Zoetis- Pharmaceutical Company Essay example

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Zoetis is the number one animal pharmaceutical company worldwide. It used to be a part of the parent company Pfizer pharmaceuticals but it became its own company in 2013(Zoetis,2013). The company is a publically traded company that has a sole focus on animal health and customer service. Most sales for Zoetis are done through livestock medicines but the companion animal department is catching up quickly. Zoetis prides itself on being the most loved by their customers (Zoetis, 2013). Zoetis is a growing company that has sixty years of work behind it (Zoetis, 2014). Zoetis is good with its communication but there is an internal issue. Zoetis is having an internal communication issue that if fixed could help the efficiency of Zoetis and …show more content…
It is important that the company solves its communication problems before the problem gets out of control. Today you will go through Zoetis’s past, present, and future while also identifying and solving a major communication problem.
To understand the history of Zoetis one must first understand the history of Pfizer pharmaceuticals. Zoetis broke away from the popular human pharmaceutical company last year when it believed it could stand on its own. Pfizer began in January of 1950 when a Pfizer researcher found Oxytetracycline. In 1952 Pfizer created a large animal pharmaceutical department and in 1988 changed the company name to Pfizer Animal health (Zoetis history, 2013). By 1995 Pfizer had bought a neighboring company that allowed them to step into the small animal division. Pfizer is known for finding many new and innovative medicines. A few of the popular medicines are LA200, Dectomax and Revolution (“products and services,” 2014). The researchers at Pfizer and Zoetis work hard to find new ways to work with bacteria in pharmaceuticals. Pfizer has been growing rapidly in both human and animal pharmaceuticals. The company also bought out many other medical related companies along the years. In 2012 Pfizer announced that the animal pharmaceutical company would be its own company alone with the name Zoetis. Nothing changed at the customer level besides the brand and the name. This change allowed for the employees to be solely focused on
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