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Zoie Bailey Ms. McCauley CP III English 05 April 2017 Title (Hook) In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, he demonstrates the actions of society and by doing, so he ridicules the high class and lower class, which ended up critiquing the American Dream. The American dream is an idea to give people hope that through hard work one will achieve wealth, fame, and prosperity. This dream symbolizes the desire to attain a luxurious house, car and even a perfect marriage if one is diligent enough. It is represented by the idea of a self-sufficient man or woman who is determined to achieve a goal to become more successful. However, the American Dream is an illusion that only leads to corruption in the pursuit of social mobility. In…show more content…
When Myrtle put on her “mask” she “was now attired in an elaborate afternoon dress of cream colored chiffon” (Fitzgerald 34). Not only did her clothes change, but “with the influence of the dress, her personality had also undergone a change” (Fitzgerald 34). When Myrtle put on the cream dress she was trying to imitate Daisy and her “purity”. In addition, she her entire attitude changes. She tries to talk about the “lower order” as if she is not one of them. When Myrtle was in New York with Tom and his friend Nick, they were having a party and Tom ordered Myrtle to “get some more ice and mineral water before everybody goes to sleep”(Fitzgerald 35). Tom is putting Myrtle in her place and reassuring her that she is nothing more than a servant. Myrtle, however, replied by saying she “told that boy about the ice. [she] raised her eyebrows in despair at the shiftlessness of the lower orders. These people! You have to keep after them all the time” (Fitzgerald 35). She believes that just because she is with a wealthy man that she is anatomically high class and had the means to order anyone around. Ultimately, her craving for an opulence life led her to her death when she jumped in front of a car thinking it was Tom. Which proves that one can not move up the social ladder. The hope of true happiness is something Daisy strives to have in her luxurious life, but by discovering she married the wrong man her entire aspect into who she

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