Zombie Consumerism In White Noise by Don DeLillo

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Addiction... it is a word that almost everyone is afraid of. The most common addictions are on: cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. There are million cases all around the world connected with these kinds of problems. People are concentrating on them and are not aware that there are less severe kinds such as: Zombie Consumerism. When we buy without thinking, motivated by a super-low price, passion or enormous appetite we are guilty of Zombie Consumerism. Shopping is seen by many addicts as a release from stress and pain, so it can be assumed the inner working cognitively for a shopping addict would become similar to that of a drug addict or alcohol addict. The characters in "White Noise" are victims of Zombie Consumerism.

One of the main themes around which the novel is structured is death. The characters in this novel realize that they are surrounded by death and that there is no escape. Even though they are aware that the death is brought to them upon the products they buy and it causes them to suffer both physically and mentally, they are ignoring the fact and they turn to the illusive comfort that consumerism provides. The characters turn to consumerism as a way of escaping death. The products they buy create some kind of comfort and seem as a solution of many problems. They become desperate because they believe that buying unnecessary products continuously will help them with their hopeless situation. Good example for this situation is the drug Dylar. Babette starts using
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