Zombie Fitness Exercise

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Two years in a commercial gym have driven me to a point of disillusion with everything it stands for; pushy sales people, rolling contracts, the promotion of sugary bars and ‘glow in the dark’ energy drinks, abdominal machines, abs classes, abundant cardio machines (with TV screens) and choreographed classes. Don’t forget the satisfaction people have with their poor weight-training technique and their lack of willingness to learn anything different. It is what I call ‘Zombie-Fitness’ where people sign up having seen the usual components they expect from a gym; cardio, weights, stretch area and studio. Then they just come in and do what convention tells them to which is one or all of the following 3 sets of ten on a collection of weights exercises…show more content…
The choreographed classes epitomise Zombie Fitness where you simply turn-up (and set up in the case of BodyPump) follow the leader then leave (often without even saying goodbye to the instructor). Heck you could have had someone on a TV screen telling you what to do and showing you the routine. At least with Spinning® we aim to be proper teachers giving a different style of workout every week and providing an element of autonomy over which riding technique you select, provided you are in the right cadence range and energy zone. Going back to the original point the outcome of Zombie Fitness is as follows There is no or little interaction so the social element is removed. Circuit classes where there is more interaction, do not get a look-in because only Les Mills instructors are getting paid. Circuit-Training, or Metabolic Conditioning, provides the best mix of weights and cardio allowing us to achieve our results a lot quicker. The end result is that people get bored, lose motivation and not before long, leave the
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