Zombie Movies By George A. Romero

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If zombie movies have taught me anything, it 's that a zombie outbreak can happen at any minute. Who knows how the outbreak will start: maybe the outbreak begins from a fragment of meteorite carrying some disease being hurled onto the earth, a government experiment gone wrong or a hell has ran out of room. No matter how it happens, it’s up to you to prepare and to be ready for when such outbreak occurs. Zombie Types: Classic Zombies: Popularized by George A. Romero, the classic zombie is characterized by its slow rigor mortis like movements and the carnal desire of consuming human flesh. The primary means of infection is through their bite. Although not very intelligent and slow moving, zombies are not to be underestimated. Often…show more content…
Again, take a look at your surroundings, looking for places suitable enough to protect you. Try looking for something that will last as this can end up being home base for some time. Home - If your lucky, the outbreak occurs when you 're at home. This is your territory, your home turf. Make sure to fortify the premises using what ever materials you have at home, making sure to take care of any weak point such as windows. Once when everything is fortified, do an inventory check and start devising rations. Devise a means to leave the premises just in case you need to escape or when you need to leave for supplies. Mall - A common trope in zombie movies, its not hard to see why malls would make for a great makeshift fortress against the mobs of zombies. Most stores in the malls have metal gates that can be pulled down, making it difficult for zombies to break through. Behind the stores you may even find a tunnel system, making trips from store to store or even outside possible. Be careful, if the outbreak occurs during your time at the mall. An attack made from a zombie may spread panic among the populace, at this point in time you need to worry more about being pushed or trampled by the on coming masses then zombies. When you have the chance, keep an eye out for any areas not containing too many people and find your means of escape or shelter. Military Base - Military bases are spread throughout the country and if you 're
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