Zombieism In Santa Clarita Diet

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Zombieism in Santa Clarita Diet is represented in a way that represents being ‘undead’ as a path to freedom, emancipating people to be who they want to be- almost as an awakening. Its life changing characteristic is presented as a betterment of self without any groaning, loss of identity or shambling involved, zombieism acting as the hot new food fad taking over California. Change is characterized by behavior. It could also be attempting to metaphorically represent zombieism as the route to midlife rejuvenation with the middle-aged protagonist Sheila happier, loving life and being more energetic than ever post the change. She can no longer feel pain, she needs only two hours of sleep. Things, apart from the dietary requirements, don’t seem too bad to her. Embracing some of the world’s biggest taboos, murder, and cannibalism, Sheila interprets it as an advantageous lifestyle choice- her pre-undead…show more content…
Exploring the dangers of dehumanization Liv learns to humanize others through her consumption of brains, the side-effect being picking up personality traits and having visions of the murdered victims. She retains their memories and uses them to solve their murders as a way to contribute as her reason for being ‘not alive’. Similar to Sheila from Santa Clarita Diet, Liv too becomes a new person. She admits to her pre-zombie self, having spent so many nights building a resume for a life she’d never have and that parts of her were dead before she became a zombie.
Liv is mostly like her human friends, even eating brains like normal meat, incorporating brains as an ingredient in dishes like meatballs, tacos and so on. Because of her medical background it is easier for her to access brains without having to physically murder people but for the rest of the zombie population, procuring brains is a massive undertaking which involves committing heinous crimes for
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