Zombiess And Zombies In Movies, Comedy, Fiction And Fiction?

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Nowadays, movie is the most entertainment to people. There is comedy, fiction and horror makes people to enjoy the life and stimulate them to find themselves. Many people may know that words are “zombies” and “vampires”. They are not only appear from movie and novel, they also show in games and toys shop. When you ask a kid likes zombies or vampires, he /she all can give you an answer. Why they are fashionable? For the following reasons zombies and vampires are so popular.
First of all, “zombies” and “vampires” as a horror becomes necessaries for the entertainment. It is not hard to find them on the book, the movie or even on the mall. James Parker wrote an essay “Our Zombies, Ourselves” that telling us zombies is the one who rides the best seller lists and consumes the pop unconscious, whose titles spatter the humor section of local bookstore: Zombie Haiku, The Zen of Zombie, it’s beginning to look a lot like Zombies : A book of Zombie Christmas Carlos.” On the other hand, according to filmmaker del Toro and novelist Hogan wrote an essay about “Vampire Never Die”, they told us that Vampire find their niche and mutate at an accelerated rate now –in the past one would see, for decades, the same variety of fiend, repeated in multiple storylines. Now, vampires simultaneously occur in all forms and tap into our every need: soap opera storylines, sexual liberation, noir detective fiction, etc. People are changing their mind when they have experienced in general role. They are no

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