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No need to make room on your shelves for another study bible, because the NIV Zondervan Study Bible makes room for itself. By consolidating everything you love about a study bible – biblical accuracy, solid study notes, archeological evidence, cultural detail, word studies and more, and rolling them into one exhaustive text — this bible eliminates the need for extraneous biblical resources. If you are seriously seeking God, let the NIV Zondervan Study Bible be a lamp to your feet.

I will begin by confessing that I am a word nerd. Unfortunately, I cannot read biblical Hebrew or Aramaic, so I've often relied on pastors, authors, or bible commentaries to reveal to me the significance/hidden meaning of certain passages of scripture. Oftentimes, when viewed in context the meaning of a word or phrase can take on an entirely different connotation. My absolute favorite aspect of this bible is the way words and phrases are dissected, broken down into little bite sized pieces, in the notes. Thereby, describing how a word is being used (part of speech), how it was used in a similar way elsewhere in scripture, and/or how it is defined in context.

Example: (from page 29) Exodus 2:18
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This bible is easy to use because everything is organized and easy to find. Looking for the who, when, why of a particular book? You'll find that and more (intended recipients, genre, structure, themes, theology, overriding message) in the introduction section of each book. Want to know where these events are taking place? The NIV Zondervan Study Bible contains 94 maps found intermingled in the text as well as in the Maps section at the back. Need help keeping your facts straight? In addition to the outlines preceding each chapter, readers can study 81 charts detailing everything from Major Old Testament Offerings and Sacrifices (pg. 197), to Distances in Miles Between Old Testament Cities (pg. 407), to the Harmony of the Gospels (pg.
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