Zonk Airlines Incident

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SFTY 330
Travis S. Chaffin
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Accident Case Number: ERAU-330RL
Aircraft Type: 1980 PA-31-310
Tail Number: N517RL
Aircraft hours: 15,000 +
Crew: 1 pilot
Passengers: 4
Fatalities: 5

History of flight On November 7 2010, Zonk Air Charters flight 330 L was set to depart Lake Tahoe Airport (KTVL), on a sunset photographic flight. The aircraft was supposed to fly within 20 miles of the airport with a return to the same airport, or with the option to continue to Burbank California. At dusk, the pilot and passengers load the aircraft and departed the airport. The flight departed under visual flight rules and visual meteorological conditions. The weather was reported at
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There were slipstream soot marks on the right engine nacelle, which identifies as burning in flight. The right horizontal stabilizer had soot and tiny droplets of metal, this shows that the engine was burning during flight. The right prop showed span and chord wise striations with S compressions on the trailing edges. The blade tips were broken and jagged with missing pieces. It was determined during laboratory teardown showed that the right engine was producing power during impact. The left Engine nacelle showed evidence of vertical dark residue marks or soot trails. The prop was intact, the tips were bent backwards and showed very little sign of trailing edge compression. This possibly indicates that the engine was not running during the time of impact. It was also discovered that the fuel line support bracket showed propagation cracks along the bolt holes that connect it to the firewall. It did not separate from the firewall, and the fuel line showed no signs of loss of integrity. The cockpit and passenger areas were destroyed. All of the instruments were destroyed as well. The throttle quadrant was damaged, but it did show that all the levers, props, throttle, mixture and feathering levers were pushed forward into the panel. Initial cable tracing showed remaining integrity, but due to damage from the impact and the resulting fire, actuator positions were inclusive. There were large metal trunks scattered throughout the

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