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On a trip to San Diego Zoo on March 23, I learned about the variety of primate species. Three species that will be analyzed here are the Wolf’s Guenons, the Mandrills, and the Siamangs. Wolf’s Guenons, Old World monkeys, are found at south of Africa’s Congo River. Their habitat is forests, woodlands, near rivers and streams. They have a unique way of jumping from tree to tree: they aim at the center of dense clump of foliage and leap. When they land, they scramble through the branches and find a large, steady limb, and then hurl themselves at the next clump of foliage from there. Like many other guenons, their smaller body size allows them to forage farther out on small branches and escape leopards and chimpanzees by fleeing to the outer…show more content…
The basic Siamang social group is a family made up of one male, one female, and as many as four of their young. Within each family, food is generously shared and fighting rarely occurs. Members of the same family will drive off strangers. Grooming is the most important social behavior. Siamangs are monogamous, and display an unusually high level of parental care. At about one year of age, the adult male takes over most of the daily care of the young. But the prolonged maternal care of infants by the mother may last as long as 20 months. There were three Siamangs doing three different things. Two of them spent most of their time grooming to each other while the third one swang from tree to tree, walked for a little bit than took rest. He used a branch of a large tree, lying on his back then rolled over to his stomach, enjoying a nice, peaceful
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